20210722 - Final Tryout

20210722 - Up in the am, feeling better today. L took Hazel on a walk and then started working on her bathroom demo. J left the house at 6am to go to Wendy's and G went to XC this morning. I hit the desk and am trying to get caught up from being out of pocket for 3 days. I got a bunch done and was glad to be working from home, except for all of L's banging around in her bathroom demo... I finished my day up a bit early and G&I headed up to Olentangy for a tryout. This tryout was for the Arsenal, G's current team, and G lead the warm ups and stretching. There weren't as many kids there as we thought would show up, but some good ones. Chris, Bill and I had to help with the tryout. It was a good tryout and a couple kids committed right away. G got an offer and I think this is where he will land. G&I headed home and picked up some gas and Arby's on the way. Home and not up too late as I'm not 100% yet.