20210705 - Step It Up

20210705 - Up in the am, J in to work early, and I did a couple of work things before heading over to our rental to have a look at the steps. I see why the handyman wouldn't touch it... I made a list of supplies and then headed home to get them. I got my tools loaded up and headed to Home Depot to get the lumber. Got everything and headed to the rental. I swung by the house to pick D. D&I got there and in a couple hours got the old steps removed and the new steps built. Home and D had to take off to get ready for softball and I jumped in the shower to get all the sawdust and crawlspace crap off of me. Nice working with D today. After a bit G&I headed to a baseball tryout. G's buddy Trent went and his dad Chris and I sat in his truck and Bob Menery commentated the whole tryout, we were crying :-) Home and J home from work, L fed G&I and we watched the Bachelorette before heading to bed.