20210719 - ER Again

20210719 - Up in the am and not feeling 100%... Had meetings in the office today so headed in to work. I got VERY lightheaded driving and thought this is NOT RIGHT... Made it to work and CB was in the parking lot when I got there. He took one look at me and said 'You ok?' I said no and he threw me in his car and ran me to the fire station up the road... They checked me out and everything looked fine, but wanted me to go the ER. So I got an ambulance ride to the ER. Made it to the ER, they hooked me up ran some fluids in me and drew blood. L showed up. Tests all came back ok. The Dr. said you have a pulse of 49, are you an elite athlete? I replied of course I am! He said everything looks fine, go home, drink lots of fluids, get some rest and call your Dr. L drove me home. I hung out on the couch with Hazel guarding me for the rest of the afternoon. Chris took G to a tryout and L&I headed to the tryout towards the end of it to pick G up. Home and took it easy and headed to bed early.