20210721 - Big Try

20210721 - Up in the am and feeling better today. Drove myself to the office and we dove right in to the meeting. It was productive and took the first half of the day. Everyone headed out to do their thing and I stayed in the office for a couple more hours to take some calls and get some things done. Home and got Grant and we headed over to the Bo Jackson Dome in Hilliard for another baseball tryout. There were 67 kids there trying out, it was crazy. G did eh ok at fielding, but ran, hit and pitched well. Bill, Tom and a bunch of dads I have met throughout the years were there and we chatted about this and that to pass the 3 hours we were there... After the tryout G&I took Andrew with us and we stopped at a Waffle House, but they were closed, so we just headed home. I saw a sign for another Waffle House on the way home, we swung in and it was open. We sat down and had some dinner and and the boys blah blah blah the whole time. We were full and headed home. I told some bad dad jokes and we got Andrew delivered home. G&I got home and settled in for the night.