20210715 ‡ BAD DOG!

20210715 ‡ Up in the am and there's no internet... On hold with WOW for 18 min before I hand the phone off to L and jump in the shower. As soon as I got my entire body wet WOW takes us off hold and is ready to talk... I jump out and take the call, the lady can't find the issue so schedules someone to come out on 7/19... Not very helpful... So I pack up and head in to the office. I stop at an auto parts store on the way in to get brake pads for my squeaky brakes and they only have the fronts. I go across the street and they have both so buy them there. On in to the office taking a couple calls on the way. In to the office and chat with folks for a min before finally getting set up and starting the day. L calls and says, would this black cable that Hazel has been chewing on be our internet that isn't working? Deep breath... I will look at it tonight... Got a couple of things done, saw D at work and arranged for him to come over and help a bit this evening. Headed out a bit early and D came over. We dug up the old cable and buried a new one. L made us dinner and we chatted a bit. To the garage and D helped me change the brakes on the Hyundai, no more squeaking! We finished up about 9pm and D took off and I was exhausted. Got a shower and headed to bed.