20210710 + Last Hit

20210710 + Up in the am and J at work and LG&I headed to Newark for G's baseball game. We got there and Gma&paB joined us. The boys played a pretty good game, G went in and pitched wonderfully, but there just isn't a defense... G had 2 great hits, way out in the outfield and both were caught. They hung in there and they were only down by one, 7-6, going in to the last inning. And then the wheels FLEW OFF THE BUS.... error after error after error and game over 22 to 6... What a beating! Gma&paB joined LG&I for lunch at Bummie's Pub & Grub for some AMAZING burgers. Full and we headed home. Home and I took a little nap. While I was napping there were texts about the team and we're not going to play tomorrow, after that beating we are calling it a day and ending the season...  I threw the ball with Hazel a bit and then grabbed the laptop to get some things done. Hazel tried on some underpants and L&I watched a movie to finish off the night.