20210712 + GRAND SLAM

20210712 + Up in the am and J heading in to work, L and Hazel had already had a big walk and I headed in to the desk for the day. It was a slow day around the house and towards the end of the day LG Hazel and I headed out. First stop was an auction to pick up some stuff and then on to Berliner for a baseball tryout. We were early so went to a McD's that was close to get some food. Got to the field and the tryout started and they had really cool tech, that didn't work... There was a lot of standing around... Hazel and I walked down to watch some of D's softball game. We got to see D hit an in the park grand slam and beat the pants off the other team. After the game I walked halfway back to G's tryout that was still going on and met up with the Bill and Brady, they headed to D's game to watch a bit and I walked back to meet them there. L joined us and D's second game wasn't so good, it was the championship game and they lost. Good to see D and his buddies having fun. After D's game we went back to get G and the tryout just finished... Home and J home late.