20210703 - All Over Boom

20210703 - Up from a pretty sleepless night and LG&I headed to G's game. Uncle Russ met us there and stayed to watch the game. G had a great game and got a couple really good hits that PBR published online. They lost but it was nice to chat with Russ. The Amos' joined us on an adventure as we found the Sugar n' Spice Diner. THe lady's were nervous by the looks of the place but once we parked and got inside to take a look it was a supre cute little palce and with an hour wait at 11am you know it had to be good. We weren't going to wait so we found Gordo's Pub and Grill, another dive and had an AMAZING meal! Home and hanging out. J losing his mind because he didn't want to stay home tonight, so I disconnected his car battery, he couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start... People showed up and we watched a spectacular fireworks show in our front yard. After the show some neighbors stayed and chatted on back porch.