20210701 - LONG DAY

20210701 - Up in the am and G&I headed to Cincinnati for his first game. it was a bit rainy so I found a place out of the weather to watch the game. It was an ok game but we lost. We headed to the next field and tried to stop at a place to eat but they had a sign on the window that said 'NO FOOD TODAY'. So we looked on the map and found Bard's and headed there for some food. We ran in to the Amos' there and ate with them. These burgers were AMAZING!!! ON to the second game of the day and the beating continued. A the game wound up L texted and said they were circling Columbus because of bad weather and may be rerouted to Cincinnati, so I drove G to the hotel which was closer to the airport. Just as I dropped G off L said they landed in Columbus so I headed home. It was a good drive until just south of Grove City where it came to a dead stop for 50 min. It took me 3.5 hours to get home tonight and I'm EXHAUSTED