20210131 - Happy Snowman

20210131 - Up in the am and G&I headed out to shovel the drive and walks. G got our drive done and headed over to do Doc's and I built a snowman. J headed to work and Hazel and I headed out. We went to the pet store and got her some treats and then headed to the dog park. We got to the park and were the only ones there for a while. Eventually a handful of dogs showed up and Hazel was more confident today and played a bit more. There was one bigger dog that made her nervous so she glued herself to me for a bit but got braver again and played some more. We headed home with a stop at the post office and Wendy's where we found J and a coworker out front of the restaurant building a snow man. We got out of the car and checked it out and then hit the drive through on the way home, Hazel got her own mini frosty. home and L had a warm bath ready for her and cleaned her up. I fixed the bathroom sink and got myself cleaned up and then hung out with L watching TV. D and a couple of his roommates stopped by to figure out his school money and chat a bit. L&I finished the night watching some TV