20210107 - First Win

20210107 - Up in the am L at school and I got J&G up after I got my morning things done. At the desk getting things done. L home and took Hazel to the vet for a puppy checkup. J 'cleaned his room' and headed out to see some friends. G home, changed and L dropped him off at the school. I finished up the day and L&I headed to the school to see G's basketball game. It was a home game and the boys played much better in game 2. G played almost the whole game and had many good assists. The boys won big! Home and took a call on 8th grade baseball... L made dinner for us and LG&I had dinner and chatted about the game. J home, played with Hazel for a minute and then headed upstairs. L&I hung out in the living room watching TV a bit and then she headed to bed. I called Gma&paW to see how things were going. G had Hazel all fired up and I stayed up with her a bit watching Battel Bots until too late.