20210105 - Lorene is 99 Today!

20210105 - Up late in the am, L at work and J&G online for school. I got on my call and then dug in for the day. The BIG NEWS of the day is L's Gma Lorene Kraft turned 99 today!!!! I had a normal day at work and at the end of the day I headed to Reynoldsburg to watch G in his first 8th grade basketball game. The boys did ok, they looked like it was their first game, and the refs were definitely there for the home team. But they played hard and G played almost the entire game. He swished a 3 and then got 2 by shooting from a pass while he was in the air! After the game we headed home and swung through McD's to pick up some food. We got stuck behind someone that was paying with handfuls of change... ugh... By the time we got out food the bus was at the school so we picked G up and headed home, he was blah blah blah about the game the whole way home. Home and we ate and then Chris stopped over for a visit. We chatted for a while and he told about his Christmas disasters hahaha. Then Nate the neighbor came over and we planed for the meeting with the father of the wack job neighbor tomorrow evening over a couple glasses of bourbon. To bed late.