20210112 + J Cookin G Dribblin

20210112 + Up in the am and L at work and both boys up. G&I headed out and got his braces adjusted. Home and on the PC for a couple calls, Hazel hanging out with me. L home and made everyone lunch. D stopped over and we got his fees paid with Columbus State and he made contact with the financial aid people. L ran G and Owen to the bus for their basketball game. L home and I finished up my day and we headed to Lancaster to watch G's game, J stayed at home with Hazel. Our drive was dark, long and winding, we didn't like it, but got there in good time. We checked in on J and Hazel and J had everything we own out in the kitchen cooking something... We got to our seats and I got a text asking if I was going to join the Civil Service meeting that I completely forgot about. I stepped out of the game and joined the call long enough to nominate others for duties :-)  Back in to the game and it was a mess. The refs were terrible, one called traveling and the other across the floor called a shooting foul AT THE SAME TIME. Our boys had 17 fouls vs their 4... Anyway we lost by 3 and just wanted to get out of there. On the road, sticking to larger roads this time. We came across a Rax and I zipped in to get us dinner. It took FOREVER to get our food. Lancaster just doesn't want us around tonight so we got out of there. Home, Hazel was happy to see us and we tasted J's meal he made, it was really good. G got cleaned up and we got ready for tomorrow and all to bed in good time. GmaW got her COVID Vaccine today!