20210116 - Memorial & Security

20210116 - Up late and G at basketball practice and L cleaning. J&I up late, I got some things on a list I want to get done this weekend. J came down and we put a security sign up by the back gate and then worked on the garage door keypad. We all then took a break to head back to Jefferson to pay our respects to a boy J&G knew that passed away a couple weeks ago. The procession had some police cars, his parents in a firetruck, a Ford Mustang (his favorite car) and the middle school cross country team running along side the ashes of there friend. Very nice to see the community turn out for the support, but so very very sad. 

After the memorial we headed back tot he house and I started to install a one-sided deadbolt, I had never done one before. But it was only a half install as I was adding a SimpliSafe digital lock to it which added an entire layer of complications. The install was a Nest Hello digital doorbell. Well so you know doorbell wires become a bit brittle after 50 years... and sometimes breakoff in the wall that requires extensive digging and manipulation outside in the cold... After a couple of hours of precise calculations and attempts the new doorbell and lock are installed. D stopped by with some friends during all this and J went and came back from work. I stayed up late trying to configure all the new digital stuff in the house so it just works and L doesn't need to think about it.