20210128 - BIG WIN!

20210128 - Up in the am L at work, J trying to get me to buy some stocks and G doing his chores. I did my morning stuff in the living room talking to J about how stocks work and watching the price of what he wanted to buy fall like a rock. In to the office for the afternoon. J&G went to Wal-Mart looking for something. L home and then the boys home. L ran Hazel to the vet for 3 shots and then G and Owen to basketball. I finished up my day and then L&I headed to G's basketball game and J started cooking dinner. G's game was probably the best they have played all year and the most intense. It was a super close game against another Gahanna team and the boys fought hard and had some amazing plays, lot so cheering and yelling going on! They WON!!! Home and J had the kitchen a mess and dinner almost done. G got cleaned up and Hazel and I ran to get gas. Back ho9me and dinner ready, we all ate in the living room watching the 1000 pound sisters. After dinner the boys headed upstairs and L&I cleaned up and relaxed the rest of the evening.