20210102 - Litter

20210102 - Up in the am and L ran G and Owen to basketball practice. I got up and around and L gave me a haircut. G home, I rinsed the hair off and then headed outside to mount a camera on the East side of the house. While out there I saw all the beer bottles our neighbor had just tossed in his yard last night, and his mother showing up with Starbucks for him and his girlfriend... I Got that done, headed in and had a late late lunch. J headed to work and L and Hazel ran with me to pick up her white car with two new expensive tires. They headed home and I ran to the grocery to get L some butter and batteries for myself. I swung through the post office on the way home. Home and we had some leftovers for dinner. I programmed the new biometric handgun safe. L&I watched some football and I played with Hazel a bit. G came down and took her outside and she got into some crap so L had to give her another rinse. J home with burgers for everyone and then up to his room. G after some convincing put all of his electronics away and sat down to watch some football with L&I. Hazel put herself to bed and G fell asleep on the couch.