20210201 - Shot is GOOD!

20210201 - Up in the am and L at work and boys on their PCs for school. I got my morning things done and then Hazel and I went to pick up the school food, she did much better this week. Home and put the food away and then I moved in to the office. I finished my day and LJ&I headed to Pickerington to watch G in a tournament game. The boys played great and it was a super close intense game. We had some parents from the other team come and sit a bit too close to us and they were a bit too obnoxious for my liking... Our boys were ahead the entire game and lost in the last 2 minutes... such a heartbreaker! Home and picked up G at the school and then drove through Cane's to get some dinner on the way home.  Home and D&DGF13 were here playing with Hazel, who was home alone for 2.5hr for the first time. We all had soem dinner and then hung out a while before the kids left and everyone headed to bed.