20210104 + At My Feet

20210104 + Up in the am and L went to school, she had kids today and they were happy to be back. I spent the morning in the living room doing mail with Hazel and then got J&G up, well really only G, to help with Hazel. I headed in to the office, tried to get J up an hour later... G was a big help and got all of his stuff done too. Hazel crashed in my office and L home and took over dog duty. Today was crazy busy with year end and new year activities, the day was gone before I knew it. I headed out and L was cooking a big dinner. J was at work and G was at basketball. G got home and shortly after D&DGF13 showed up and we all had a nice meal together. After dinner L&I installed a SimpliSafe security system in the house. I took a couple calls about the neighbor from another neighbor that is trying to reason with the father... and the Superintendent of our schools. Stayed up too late on the PC.