20210118 - Brave Friend

20210118 - Up in the am and everyone home today. L making cinnamon roles and cookies and everyone else sleeping. I got my morning things done in the living room and then moved to the office for the day. After a long day i came out and L&I ran G and Owen to basketball practice and then we ran a couple of errands. We got home and L cooked us dinner, I don't know where J is. We ate and then L got an a zoom call with her girlfriends and I took apart the doorbell hanging on the wall and tried to figure out why it has been buzzing with the new Nest Hello doorbell. Seems it was wired wrong forever... I got the wires all figured out, J home and helped me test stuff and no more buzzing. G home from practice and got us a snack and we watched some TV. One of our friends, Bill Varney, is an officer that is going to Washington DC to be part of the inauguration. It was supposed to be an honor, but now with all the crap going on at the Capitol we are very nervous for him. CRAZY WORLD. To bed in good time