20210111 - Figuring Things Out

20210111 - Up in the am and L at school and G online, the school called and J missed his first 2 classes... I got him up and checked his grades and he has some work to do. I got online and got my day rolling. G came down and took Hazel out to run a bit for lunch. L home and I was at the desk getting caught up and moving things forward all day. I headed out at the end oft he day to the post office, the high school to pick up the free COVID food and then met with the GLHS Baseball Booster Reps for a quick meeting to make sure we are all aligned for the upcoming season. Seems like they are going to try to have a season this year but it will look very different... I swung by Jet's to pick up a pizza on the way home. Home and Hazel figured out how to get her toys we keep putting up on the picnic table... We all settled in the basement to watch Ohio State in the championship. They played ok at first and then Alabama just took control, they are an amazing football team. Buck lost and we all headed to bed happy we made it tot he game but disappointed we lost.