20210115 + New Swing

20210115 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed downtown to the attorney's office. I met with Chris and we discussed the plan and headed over to the courthouse. We filed the papers for the Civil Protection Order, and the Magistrate was nice enough to see us before he went to lunch. It was a stressful event, reviewing all of the crazy things the neighbor has done. After some discussion he granted me a CPO. Chris and I discussed next steps and I headed home. I got a bit of work done and then made some copies of the CPO and headed to Gahanna Police department to give them a copy and request certified copies of police reports for next door. I had a call with the HS Baseball coach about 8th grade to see if anything could be done to save their season, it doesn't look good... Home and drafted an email to send to the neighbors, Mayor, Police Chief, Superintendent, School Board and Principal of the school behind our house. I finished the day doing some work. L made dinner. G&I went to his hitting lessons and he got to try his new bat for the first time. I got on a call about 8th grade baseball, still doesn't look good. Back in to check on G's hitting and he loves the bat and is hitting the crap out of the ball with it. Home and L asleep in her chair, J&G upstairs on the Xbox, I played with Hazel a bit before heading to bed after a pretty stressful day.