20210117 - A New LIght

20210117 + Up in the am and and J at work. I got some morning stuff done and then J went to work and G&I started working on installing a light in J's closet. We had to do some pretty extensive exploring in the walls. G left and went to Trent's to watch the Brown's game. I kept going and had to use two different circuits to make J's light work. I got things working and buttoned up after 3 hours... I took Hazel on a walk, ran in to the Barnetts and we caught up for a bit. I then ordered a pizza via text and called Jason about the 8th grade baseball team, still trying to make that work... Home and Hazel and I ran to Jet's to pick up our pizza. Home and L&I had dinner while we watched the end of the Browns game. I then started to cleaning out 2020 files and preparing for taxes. Hazel & I ran to pick G up at Trent's and trent came home with us to spend the night. We played Trouble and then the boys headed up. L&I sorted some more stuff and then headed to bed after a busy weekend.