20210109 - Brake Fix

the auto parts store where he picked out what brakes he wanted. Home and we jacked his car up and replaced his brakes. I walked him through the first one, the one making the grinding noise, and then he did the second one all by himself. Luck for him it was probably the easiest brake job I have ever done... J took off for work and I looked for whatever was in the tire of the Hyundai that has making it loose pressure and found a screw! I backed the car in and the little silver car showed up next door that causes all the problems and lit up in the driveway, filling the car with smoke. I called the cops and they had a nice long talk with them... I got the screw out of the tire and got a plug in, let's hope that solves the tire issue. As I was finishing up Penn stopped over. He hadn't heard the shooter story so I got him up to speed and then showed him the new alarm. Penn took off and L&I had some dinner, G joined us for a minute and then we watched football the rest of the night.