20210101 + Dog Blow Dry

20210101 + Up in the am got a couple of things done in the office. D&DGF13 stopped by for lunch. L made a nice big lunch and we all ate together. We hung out and chatted a bit after lunch, I got some bill paid and then the kids left and J headed to work. I headed out in the backyard with Hazel. We patched up the remaining couple of places around the yard the fence was questionable and she was FILTHY from running and digging and having a good old time out there with me. We settled in and got the Buckeye on TV and hoped for the best. The Buckeyes showed up tonight! WHAT AN AMAZING GAME!!!! There was a lot of jumping and yelling at the TV and Hazel didn't like it so went to her bed. The Bucks won and it was a great night. 

The silver car showed up at the neighbors a couple minutes after midnight... Loud music, swearing and yelling emerged from the back porch. About 1:15 I got a great video of the neighbor under the influence of something falling flat on his back in his driveway, struggling to get up, stumbling to his front door to beat on it and yell 'Open the F-ing Door N...'  What a way to end the first night of 2021!