20211219 - WATER WATER WATER!!!

20211220 - Up in late in the am and at the desk getting a couple things done before Hazel and I head out to pick up auction items and stop at the dog park, and L screamed WATER WATER WATER!!! I ran upstair and she wasn't there... Yelled for her and she was in the basement, so ran down there. We had water all over the utility room floor. We got the washer off and turned off J's shower midstream so the source stopped and then I took drain covers off and snaked and tried to figure out what was happening while L moved things and moped. At a loss and not messing with this I called CPR Drains and they could come out today. The guys showed up and the water was down, we ran every water source in the house trying to get it to backup again. We couldn't get it to slow down at all... L ran G to baseball practice. They did snake part of it for me and we buttoned things back up. L home and we put the basement back together and took Hazel to pick up G. We got G and some Burger King on the way home. Home and ate and then spent some time on the PC looking for drain supplies to seal the drains. J home eventually and up to late.