20211125 + Thanksgiving

20211125 + Up early and L, Hazel and I headed out. We swung by the mailbox to see if some stuff I shipped was stuck in the chute, it wasn’t. We swung through McDs and headed to the Farm. It was an easy drive up and we got there in good time. L helped GmaW get things set up and I took Hazel up to Gma&paW’s. The boys showed up and I headed down and more and more folks showed up. It was nice to be back in the old Farmhouse with all the family after missing last year with the lockdown. It was nice to catch-up with folks. Roger prayed and we we had a very nice meal.

After our food settled a bit I went up and got Hazel and a group of us headed to the Falls.  We walked all the way up and L&I’s first house was gone, so was Oneida lodge, but my bridges still are there. The trail down to the falls is in really bad shape and treacherous. We went down to the falls and then back up, not out and around to the pines as the trail was not passable. We made our way back to the Farmhouse and hung out some more. LD&G worked on crafts, J vanished to Gma&paW’s while we were on out falls walk. We caught up some more and folks started heading out. D stayed to help clean up and Them he headed out. He is driving to Ann Arbor MI for the OSU game tomorrow… We got some things cleaned up and headed up. JG&I played some euchre with GmaW and then J headed back to the bedroom. G&I stayed up and played 3 way solitaire with GmaW, a new game for G. Everyone to bed and G&I stayed up with Gpaw showing him how to use the TV and review his health. J up late having a rough night.