20211226 - Scrub-a-dub Dog

20211226 - Up late and L been busy cleaning and cooking. I got around and did a couple things around the house. D here and had some bfast with us. Hazel and I got around and headed to Worthington. We made a stop at the gas station on the way to my office. To the office and we went in and got my laptop. We headed back across town and to the dog park. On the way we were passed by a police escorted group of busses carrying the Buckeyes to the airport. Hazel played with some of the dogs there. We headed home with a stop at Wendy's for a frosty. Home and D still here. L gave Hazel the muddy mess a nice bath. We watched some football and then ran to pick up a pizza. We had a nice meal and then D headed home. We relaxed and got ready for a new week.