20211231 - Happy New Year

20211231 - Up in the am and at the desk doing a couple of year end tasks and checking on things. I then paid the bills for the next 2 weeks and then balanced and closed the books on all our accounts. Out to the living room to watch Cincinnati play in their first big bowl game. Hazel and I took a big walk. back to the house and G Hazel and I ran to Hot chicken Takeover to pick up dinner. home and we ate. G then decided he wanted to go do something so he made plans and L ran him to the movies. L&I doing year end things on our PCs. We got J's FASFA filled out and they said we could contribute $47k to his college this year...??? L looking for resorts to try to nail something down for our summer vacation which we didn't get to use this year... We barely made it to the ball drop. HAPPY NEW YEAR!