20211215 - Here Comes Santa Claus

20211215 - Up in the am and LJG and Gma&paB at school. I got up and around and on some calls and blew threw my HUGE backlog of email while fighting the phishing attack we're having. On and off calls all day. Took a short walk with Hazel and then at the desk until after 5. Went out and threw the ball to Hazel a bit while L made dinner. LG Gma&paB and I all had dinner together and they talked about the kids seeing Santa and they went shopping afterwards and G told about some things that happened at school. After dinner J and JGF? stopped over with the puppy and so she could meet Gma&paB. Hazel and the puppy played in the backyard and made us all laugh. After a bit I headed in to the office and GpaB joined a little later for an OHCrypto.club online meeting. We had a handful of guys and it was a good meeting. After the meeting I headed out and chatted a bit before everyone headed to bed.