20211211 - BIG Screen

20211211 - Up in the am and L headed out shopping and to meet her girlfriends for lunch. Lonie stopped over and drove G&I to Micro Center where we got me some new monitors. Home and Lonie stayed to help me modify the monitors and get them installed, they look pretty good. Jeff stopped by to pick something up he left at work. Lonie took off and I have to run G over to UDF to pick up Jeremy and Andrew and drop them all off at Andrew's house to spend the night. I talked to Terrill, Andrew's dad whos an ER Dr., a bit about COVID and he said it is WY WORSE this year than last year, but the news is saying nothing about it... Hazel and drove through Burger King to get a late dinner and headed home. L was there, We ate and I stayed up to late trying to get some things done.