20211122 - Cory is Back

20211122 - Up in the am and on the phone right away. Cory is back from his active duty stint and I spent the morning on the phone with him getting him up to speed. We then did some screen sharing to get him familiar with our new HR system. L home and couldn't get either mower started and wasn't happy about it. I left the desk with people on calls to try and get her running.  I then dug in and got a couple things done out of my email list. Did some data processing for a bit while I was on a late afternoon call. L ran G out to play basketball, guess his ankle is better... I got out of the office and there wasn't much light left so I threw the ball to hazel a bit before heading in to eat. J headed out to a concert and L followed not long after and I picked up the laptop to try and keep up.