20211224 - Different Christmas Eve

20211224 - Up in the am and was dizzy to the left...  I mean I was leaning to the left along the wall and then the dresser until I got my bearings and made it to the bathroom. I got myself together and then LJG&I headed to the Cole's for a late lunch. Not the usual crowd as Gma&paB aren't feeling well and stayed home. the usual aunts and uncles didn't come either. So it was a smaller crowd but very nice. D showed up and we had a very nice meal and then played a game, it was fun. I still wasn't 100%. Home, D came with us, and we hung out and watched some football. J headed to JGF? for a bit. D&I headed to the basement to watch a movie. L carried all the presents up and watched a bit of the movie. After the movie D headed upstairs to play on the xbox with G&J.