20211128 + Tree Decorators

20211128 + Up late and worked on the light in my office and cleaned out the closet a bit. L got out the Christmas tree and started setting it up. I headed out and put some lights on the bushes, G helped a bit. We left the lights on the house all year and miraculously they all worked! Gma&paW stopped by for a quick visit. I headed out to the shed and worked on the Christmas lights on the playset with Hazel's help and threw the ball a million times. L made some hamburgers and I grilled them. In a LJG&I had dinner. Then the boys put some ornaments on the tree before J left and G went up to his Xbox. I got on my PC and tested the mic that Lonie got me and then spent the rest of the evening looking at auctions and setting up a crypto meeting for Wednesday. Up too late, mind racing.