20211119 + Creepy Dummy

20211119 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and started knocking things out. At the desk all day, L home and I finished my day. I went out to throw the ball with Hazel a bit but it was too cold so that didn’t last long. L&I we’re hanging out waiting to go pick G up from his basketball game at Hannah Park with some buddies and they called needing a ride 45 min early as it was too cold and too dark. We picked up 4 boys and delivered them all home. We dropped G off at the house and then went out to Nazareth for dinner and got there as the fire truck arrived… false alarm. We ate and then swung by a couple stores on the way home. Home and I had to run G out to a friends to spend the night and pick Trent up on the way. Home and L and I watched a couple movies.