20211221 - Strange Sleep

20211221 - Up in the am, had a strange sleeping night' dead asleep by midnight, awake at 1 to ask about J coming home, dead asleep until 5 when woke up out of dream then wide awake unit about 7, up at 8 and had to work, what a mess... Got around and to the desk. L and Hazel up bugging me, J at Larson's and G still asleep. Got some things done and had my weekly call. Had a pretty productive day. Headed out to throw the ball to Hazel and D&DGF13 came over for dinner. We had a nice meal and then G headed back up to the Xbox and the rest of us watched football for a bit. D&DGF13 headed out. L&I watched some more TV while I processed last years photos. L to bed, I headed in to the office to get some more emails caught up and sell off some losing stocks and crypto. Up way too late.