20211213 - Swab and 50th Bday

20211213 - Up in the am and in to the office a bit before heading to the school to get G and take him to his orthodontist appointment. It was a quick visit and we had some discussion with the Dr about getting braces off, but G needs to actually wear his rubber bands so things get where they are supposed to go... Dropped G back off at school and headed home, phone was blowing up the whole time I was on the road, still having massive connection issues at work... Back to the desk for a bit, overwhelmed with the things that have to get fixed/done. Took Hazel on a walk and was on the phone the whole time. Back to the desk, J home, L home and we got notifications from the school that J was in close proximity to someone that has tested positive for COVID so L ran all over town to find him a test. L home with the test but our home internet was down... I got that working and J got online with a nurse and took his test, it was negative. L&I packed some stuff up and headed to Sunbury for her friend Steph's 50th bday dinner. It was a good time and a nice distraction. After we ate L drove us to the office in Worthington so I could set my laptop up so they could access it and and use it for testing tomorrow. Home and L&G took out the trash and J is home tonight playing on the Xbox with G. L did a late night bathroom cleaning and relaxed a bit.