20211210 + J Accepted

20211210 + Up in the am and LJ&G to school. I headed to work, i took the back roads so I didn't have to drive on the highway in case I felt dizzy. I got a bit anxious but made it and had a good day of meetings and getting things done with CB and Cory. We had Jet's for lunch and Cory ate 2 calzones and made himself sick, hahahaha. I got my new laptop and headed home . Home and threw the ball with hazel and took a call in the backyard. L&I jut hung out and watched part of a movie. The BIG NEWS of the day is J got accepted in to Kent State! Looks like he's more ready for Mad Max than college...We dropped G off at a buddy's so he could go to the basketball game and then headed to the Gahanna Grill for dinner. We ran in to an older couple that lives a couple houses down from us and talked a bit. Home and finished the movie. and watched another. G home to get stuff to go to Andrew's to spend the night. L&I shut down and watched another movie in bed, well I did, L saw about 3 minutes of it before she fell asleep.