20211205 - Dribble and Sing

20211205 - Up and L ran to pick up G and Andrew. I got around and we headed to G's basketball game. I was feeling a bit numb and dizzy. G's team did good and won, bunch of goof balls. Home and I rested the majority of the day. L went to the high school to watch J's Christmas concert and met Gma&paB&W there. D showed up with DGF13 and they took G to baseball practice. I took Hazel on a short walk. I relaxed some more and then L and Gma&paW came home. I helped GmaW with some things on her iPad and then G called thinking we were going to pick him up. We all left in a hurry and L&I ran to get G. Home and LG&I ate and then G headed upstairs and L&I watched some TV and relaxed a bit more.