20200926 - 16th and Lead Off

20200926 - Up in the am L had ran G to catch the bus for a XC meet. I got around and L&I headed to Pickerington to watch G run, he got 16th out of 139 kids and was mad because the top 15 got plaques and he missed it by 1 second... We got G and headed to Berliner for a baseball game. it was G's 1st game with new baseball team. G was the lead off hitter and got a standup double on first at bat and he played short the entire game. The boys looked really good for never playing in a game before, but their hitting needs work. The game was a success and they won, Arsenal (7) @ Licking Valley (2). Home and L&I ran to Home Depot to get some supplies to take to the Farm for tomorrow's repairs. L ran G to a bday party sleepover. The McClains came over and we walked downtown for a couple drinks and dinner and to catch up. We walked back home and hung out around the new fire table for a bit before they left. I was up late watching TV and J headed out camping for the night.