20200911 - Best GLHS Football Game

20200911 - Up late and L at school and J&G online for school. I got some email and things done in the living room and then headed in to the office and decided to take everything to the back porch to get some more done. L got home and I had to go in and put jeans on, just a titch too cold for shorts today. Finished the day on the porch, came in and J upset we're keeping him home to do some school work this evening... G&I ran to the high school football game to pick up some of the programs I have been working on the last several weeks to mail out to folks that bought them online. I then dropped G off at a friends and headed home to eat. L&I ate on the back porch and L went, too chilly, and we watched the Gahanna football game on TV while I whittled away on editing videos. It was the best Gahanna football game we have ever seen! Too bad we couldnt be at the stadium to watch it live :-(