20200910 + Cleaning Cookies & Cut

20200910 + Up early and ran to get blood drawn and gas. Home and L had the boys up and ready for school and then her and I headed up to the Farm. It was a beautiful day and a nice drive until we got to Mansfield and it was shrouded in fog, lots of fog!  We got to mom and dad’s house and started cleaning things up to give mom a boost when she gets to bring dad home. We ran to Wendy’s for lunch and brought it back and ate at the picnic table by the spring house. Back to cleaning for a bit and then we ran and picked up dad’s car (D’s old car) from the repair shop. I headed back to the house, installed some seat covers in the car and cleaned some more while L stopped to get some groceries. We headed out about 4 and mom is on her way home with dad! :-o  A bit surprised as they were not able to pinpoint the cause of the stroke... He is on 3 different meds and has some follow up appointments at a place specializing in more investigation for stroke patients where they couldn’t find a cause, some physical and speech therapy. L and I got him about 5 and D was home, he ran G to XC for us and J was at work. L took D out on the back porch and cut some of his mop of hair. We chatted with D a bit before he ran off and then L cleaned the kitchen after J’s attempt at making cookies today and I got cleaned up. We only got to sit for a bit before I ran to get G from his buddy’s that he went to after XC and we went to batting practice. G had a good practice, we headed home, got something to eat and watched some of the first NFL game for the year. Was NOT happy that one player from the Kansas knelt and the Texans didn't even come out of the locker room for the National Anthem... Headed to bed and edited videos until late.