20200904 - Lost Trouble

20200904 - Up late and fired up the PC on the back porch to work outside today in this great Fall like weather. L already and school and J&G doing online school. I got a bunch of thins done today. L ran G to XC even thought he is claiming a 'stress fracture' (thinks he's a Dr. now...) and J was ready to go out with friends but got called in to work for someone that didn't show up... but he changed his mind and called them back and told them he wasn't on the schedule and had other plans. L&I on the back porch and eventually G and a handful of kids showed up to play wiffle ball. After dinner L&I headed to the Mallonn's for some whiskey and catchup conversation. It was nice and relaxing. Home and Trent was here with G and the beat me in Trouble. On to bed where I stayed up way too late processing vidoes and pics pulled from our phones.