20200914 - NO CRIERS

20200914 - Well I didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I did fall asleep shortly after Ls alarm to get up went off and she got in the shower...  After about 3 hrs sleep I was up late, got myself together and dug in to the world of catching up. L at her first day of school with kids for the year, J&G on their PCs for school. Dad called this am and something was wrong with my phone and he couldn't hear me, hope it didn't confuse him more... L home an NO CRIERS, first time ever! Boys done with school and G's friends started showing up as I was on the porch still working through email catch up. L made us some dinner and LJ&I ate on the porch while G continued to play. After dinner L took a walk and I finished up on email and then took Lilly on a walk, apparently we walk too slow for L... after the walk L&I hung out in the living room and reviewed old videos. G came down and we watched some Ninja Warrior before we all headed to bed and I crashed right away.