20200922 + Final Cleanup

20200922 + Up in the am and L at work and J on the PC for school. I ran G to his orthodontist appointment in New Albany where he got some new braces added to a couple of teeth and things tightened up. We swung through McD's ont he way home for some sausage mc'mufffins and then swapped cares with L at her school. Home and I dropped G off and headed in to work with a couple stops to deliver things on the way. In to the office and Lonie and I ran to the computer and hardware stores to get supplies. On our trip Lonie told me that the parrot that was his mothers had died over the weekend and he was very upset about it. It was the last thing he had of his mother's...  Back to the office to finish up as much cleaning as we could do in the IT room. Looks pretty darn good now!  Home and got on the PC for the first time today and got some things done. L ran G to and from XC practice and J was at work. D stopped by for a visit with one of his buddies and we had a nice chat with them. Headed to bed when j got home and slept good.