20200909 - Carpenters

20200909 - Up in the am and chatted with mom a bit before she headed up to Akron to be with dad today. After many years of being a therapist and taking care of folks that have had strokes, the reality of this is happening to us hit her this morning... She took off and I have a list of stuff to get done today. I jumped on email and a couple calls and then got to the task list. I spent a bunch of time cleaning things up andmid afternoon headed home. It was a quick drive and I got home and had a moment to sit and catch up with L and she told me all about the orientation she’s done with her students the last couple days and she’s excited for school to start. She whipped us up some dinner and we ate on the porch. After we ate I loaded some tools up and headed to D’s apartment to help him install some doors so he could have a lockable space. Each of his roommates came in at different points and helped with things and in no time we had a securable room for him. The boys helped me carry the tools back to my car and I headed home. Home and chatted with J a bit when he got home from work, he didn’t have a great day, he had to train people and doesn’t like doing that. We closed down the day and headed to bed. I took the pc with me and G came down a handful of times as he couldn’t sleep. Up too late and too tired to sleep.