20200915 - Wind In Her Face

20200915 - Up late with the good long nights sleep I needed and got some stuff done before my first call. Got the team rolling and attacked my todo list. J ran out for lunch and back, L home and I moved my office to the back porch and got a bunch done. After a bit Lilly and I had to run G to the school to catch a bus to his XC meet and L&J went to get their eyes checked. I got home and D was there. He put air in the tires of the big white car and then drove me to get our eyes checked. Nobody’s eyes really changed that much. But I wanted new glasses as my near vision changed a bit but they didn’t have what I wanted so I’ll have to find them someplace else. D ran me past the high school to meet Andy and pick up programs to mail out. Home and D took off, J was at work and I headed back out to the porch. L home soon and let me know that G came in 2nd! and then she sent me to pick him up from the bus. Home and we ate and then L took off on a speed walk while I finished up my stuff on the PC and then L&I took a stroll and invited L to come along as long as she didn't try to make us go fast... After the walk we watched some TV and got everyone to bed in good time.