20200913 + Straight Rows

20200913 + Up in the am and got a couple things done around the house. J had left with some friends for an all day bday event on a lake and G not home from his bday party. I headed to the post office and grocery and when I started my car it made the weirdest nose... something was wrong with my cabin fan motor. I messed with the dial a bit but the noise didn't go away, unless I turned the fan off. I was going to head up to the Farm but knew the noise would drive me crazy so I swung back around to the house and took the fan out of the dash. leaves, rocks and seeds were in the fan housing. Removed them and silent again. Everything put back together and I headed north. I got tot he Farm as mom and dad were getting ready for lunch so I joined them. We chatted a bit and dad's speech seemed a bit better and less confused, he was able to express himself better than in days past. I then received very detailed and specific instructions on how to mow the grass around each of the buildings... so the part of his brain that thinks every detail of a task needs explained is still intact (can we trade that for improved expression?). But I listened and then got to mowing. A couple hours later and everything was mowed. I checked back in and they had nothing else they needed done so we chatted a bit more and I hit the road. Home and L&I took Lilly on a walk and ran in to a couple sets of neighbors and chatted a while. Home and I ate and caught up with L. We watched TV the rest of the evening and J got home and told us of his day on the lake. All to bed in good time. I need to get caught up this week.