20200908 - Best Office Ever!

20200908 - Up in the am and mom already up. I got myself around and she headed in to the hospital. She got there and called and had dad talk to me, he was out of sorts and couldn't really say what he was thinking, repeating things a lot. I jumped on my weekly team call and got things lined up with them for the week and then checked back in, mom wants to go home tonight so I packed up, checked out and headed to the Farm. After a quick drive I was there and checked on the animals Dave came over and fed this morning and then set up my office down at the farmhouse. What an awesome office on a beautiful day. I kept up with email and things rolling as I listened to the spring gargle in the background and a light breeze kept me cool. I sent a bunch of text to tons of folks giving them update. Mom called and they are going to keep dad overnight again to look at the backside of his heart, they are trying to figure out where the clot came from... I took a break and walked out to the barn and thought of all the time spent there and how it was when it was full of cows and activities. I finished the day in my outdoor office and my buddy showed up and we went to KFC to get dinner and ate down at the spring, had a couple of beers and caught up for a couple hours. It was a very nice visit. Mom got home and dad has a procedure early in the morning and was doing better when she left then he was in the morning. Dave and went up to the house with mom and chatted with her a bit before we all wrapped up the day and headed to bed.