20200920 + Proof of Light

20200920 + Up in the am and L and a couple of her friends here cackling in the kitchen. J at work and G making plans with friends. I got myself around, shipped some ebay things and then headed up to the Farm. Got there and Dad, Mom and I headed out to do a couple jobs. We moved Curly's water and then worked on the spring in the orchard to get the flow a bit better. Got things dug up* and cleaned up a bit and flowing. On to the next job at the Farmhouse, working on the lamppost. I took apart all the wires leading to the switch in the dining room and out to the lamppost, making sure they were taped off and labeled. We then removed the old top and put a solar top on the post. I was very skeptical that enough light would hit it to make it light up... Done with our outside jobs we headed in and worked on how email works, the stroke erased the email process from dad's brain and it is one of the few things he is going to have to retrain himself to do. He seemed to get it and I left some papers for him to help. We then took a long stroll down to the Barn and over to the wood house, farmhouse and chatted about possibilities and dreams. Some of ours line up and some are a bit off but very close. But I let him know it doesn't matter if we are aligned at all, he has worked his entire life there and whatever he wants to do is fine and I will help him do it.

It was getting later in the day so I headed home. Home and L&G just finished dinner so I grabbed a plate and caught up with L and what all her and her girlfriends got done today and G had 4 boys at the house all day. J was doing some things with friends and got home a bit later. L&I watching some football. Got a text from dad that the solar light WORKED! AMAZING!

* Spring in Orchard Notes: there are two plastic tub covers. The one further up the hill is dead, don’t waste time on it. The one downhill is a sump pump basin with no bottom and holes drilled in the sides to let groundwater in. This one is active and connected to the hoses