20200907 - STROKE!

20200907 - Up in LATE and got some things shipped for ebay and then out to the back porch to get some things done. Soon L&G got me and we went to the running store to get G some expensive shoes. Home and a bunch of G's buddies showed up and played wiffle ball. I got a call from mom, dad is in the hospital! They headed up north to do some shopping and it started raining so they wrapped things up and headed back. On the way back dad started saying 'something sin't right...' They got the car pulled over and mom could tell by the things he was saying there was a problem. She got him transferred to the passengers seat and mom headed to the nearest hospital. The trip was somewhat delayed by the road being underwater but eventually got to the hospital in Akron and got him in. As soon as she said stroke a team got dad in a wheelchair, hooked up to devices and an IV in. A couple scans later and she was able to call me about it. Of course she said don't come... she always says that... I jumped up grabbed a couple bags, threw some stuff in them and headed out. I made some calls along the way. It was a horrible drive, through a downpour that had 71 at 35mph. By the time I got to the Farm a friend had arranged a hotel in Akron close to the hospital. I got the Farm and called mom, let her know we would just be staying up there tonight and got some of her things together. I talked to dad a little bit and he was very concerned that mom needed to go to bed and the animals fed. I got the dog and cats fed and headed to Akron. I couldn't go to the hospital with all the COVID crap still going on so I checked in to the hotel and found us some dinner at Wendy's. Back to the hotel and soon mom showed up. we had our little dinner and chatted a bit. I stayed up late on the PC watching Netfilx.